University of applied sciences of public administration, police and administration of justice

Campus Impressions

The UAS is in the southern part of the city Barlach Güstrow with its approximately 30,000 inhabitants. It offers 400 student dormitories, a specialized library, a sports hall, two training centers for mission-related training to the police, a canteen and a cafeteria ideal and increasingly barrier-free study and training conditions on a green campus. Outside the lecture halls designed the Förderverein university life more colorful.


Students and trainees are 400 dormitory rooms are available. As a rule, two people sharing a room and with the residents of the adjacent double room, a bathroom. In addition, located on each floor a kitchen, which is shared by all.

application formt for student accomodation

Management of Student Accomodation

Tel. 03843 283-633

In addition, the AWG and the WGG offer shared apartment in the southern city.


In addition to the dorms 10 and 11 you will find the most parking. But please use the other designated on the Site plan parking on campus and parking at the Kleingartenanlage Goldberger Straße (opposite Famila ).

Mensa and Cafeteria

In Teaching Building 4 is the Mensa . The company " Koch magic " offers weekdays a breakfast and dinner buffet and a variety of lunch options at tiered prices. The menu plan can be viewed here. A cafeteria can be found in the Teaching Building 2.

Restaurants in Güstrow


Set within the grounds of the sports field is a cinder track.

The sports hall was built in 2008, has 1,200 square meters floor area. The hall provides opportunities for three volleyball courts, six badminton courts, two basketball courts ( small), a basketball court ( Competition field ), a tennis court and a handball court. In addition, the apprentices and students is a newly equipped fitness room available.

After teaching the sport hall by members of the University of Applied Sciences can be used for recreational sports.

Leisure and Culture

Outside the classrooms student recreational activities are carried out by the development association. Shaping the members of the association, the university life more colorful by Erstsemesterparties, sports tournaments or cinema and other theme nights. Right next to the campus of the university is the student club, short Stuk to find that invites you to dance and party from Thursday to Saturday. Also student summer parties and Christmas parties are organized at the University of Applied Sciences, which enjoy great popularity. A barbecue area is located on the edge of the property in the green area behind the dorm 7.

Cultural activities in the city Güstrow Barlach, see

Studying with children

The University of Applied Sciences promotes work-life balance already during the training and studying. In the residence is a 10 parent-child office at disposal, their children serve in the mothers and fathers in emergency situations and yet be able to work. The key assignment is carried out in the Housing Department in the LG 1 ( telephone -633 ). Moreover, there is the possibility of children from the age of eight weeks in the DRC - Kita " southern lights " in the Friedrich-Engels- Str. 26 (E-Mail: immediately accommodate near the University of Applied Sciences. Depending on the individual personal circumstances will decide whether and in what form the adjustments training or degree program concepts are needed .


On campus there are two other educational institutions:

Norddeutsche Akademie für Finanzen und Steuerrecht Hamburg, Außenstelle Güstrow

Bildungsstätte Justizvollzug

In addition housed the bookstore Weidemann in Teaching Building II.